Saturday, April 30, 2005

Good Transition Work!

Swim: Same route as last time: ~ 2/3 mile in open water
Bike: 10.03 miles in 33:46 minutes.
Aspeed: 19.2
Max speed: 24

Yay. Phew. Swim course was same as last week but I managed to navigate correctly! Had someone to follow, yes, but also just stayed more aware: where the sun is, how the current is going, etc. Had to exaggerate the “swim to the right” thing which that beach seems to work against—it pushes you out to sea. But also sighted frequently and stayed the course…AND…I was second out of the water and FIRST overall after the bike. So I did really fucking well! Finished pretty far ahead of Eric and Peter, who was struggling hard after the long swim. Eric also is not a great swimmer and had trouble with his transition. Funnily enough, my transition was very smooth and fast.

You DO get a sort of “drunken monkey” feeling out of the water…your legs don’t work, and you’ve been horizontal so long that the blood has to work to go into your head. But despite that, my transition was strong! I think that all the windsprints I’ve done over the weeks—starting YEARS ago, actually, have helped a lot…with quick recovery. And all the full-body weight training stuff helps with redistributing bloodflow. For whatever reason, I had no real problems with transitioning. But I definitely need another bottle of water to spray down my feet! And I DON’T need socks, and I probably won’t wear a shirt.

Bike ride was solid, by the way—a good 10 mile sprint. Some sense of what those sprint tris will be like.

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