Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Base is Built and No Calf Pain


90 min or 2 hour effort, depending if you count the insane descent from the top of Griffith all the way home, interrupted by a trip to Roscoe’s with Chuck C. About 26 miles. AHR about 125; MHR 150. Felt pretty good. Stayed seated most of the back climb, took it pretty easy, though I was pushing it to make my appointment with Chuck…anyway, a good effort, right where I wanted it—and didn’t have trouble pushing through the hour mark. My base is officially built! Tonight I will most likely be doing a recovery run with Margreta—probably a walk-run effort of about 3 miles. Really easy pace.

Good news: even WITH the brick yesterday and the long ride today, no calf pain! Hope I’ve really licked it. Love that the body adapts. Am moving into tough workout territory: lots of doubles, lots of good pushes, leading up to May 15 effort. Another 2-3 weeks, then tapering off the final week before the real thing.

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