Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Excellent Workout


: AHR: 141
MHR: 165
Time: 28 min
5 min w/u run
2 min sprint, 2 min rest X 2
1 min sprint, 2 min rest X 2
30 second sprint, 2 min rest X 2

Time: 35 minutes
Drills 50 yds, fisting, catchup, bilateral breathing (harder than ever), sighting (a huge pain). 50 yard Sprints @ 42 seconds. Total yardage, about 800. A recovery effort with some hard work sprinkled throughout. Stroke still feels fucked up.

Overall: excellent workout. Did core work for the first time in awhile, functional w/u and yoga cooldown. Felt good…90 minutes of workout, overall.

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