Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good Ride, Climb, Work

6:45-8:00 AM

, 70 mins, level 3
Dyn wu
Distance: 15.6 miles
AHR: 130 (70%)
MHR: 151 (81%)
Time: 1:09, including break for water at hilltop.
Top Speed: 28 or so
Avg Speed: 13.4

Bike ride in Griffith Park. Parked in Westernmost entrance to the park, rode East on Los Feliz to Riverside, rode along I-5, then up the hill to the observatory (missed the turn to go up the hill, but went back for it). Then up and over the observatory hill and down for a nice descent around the hairpins. Back hill up to observatory remains tough—alternated staying in the saddle, downshifting and spinning with standing and staying in a higher gear. Seemed to work well to have both tactics.

Overtook pretty much everyone I encountered…no one real challenging was out. One woman passed me early on a hill; I would have taken her eventually but she turned off…shame. Anyway, it’s a great ride! A good loop that I’ve finally found…road conditions pretty good, though still sandy/silty on the way down….and not really possible to let go totally on the brakes because of poor roads. But a great climb that I’m getting better at.

This was a good 3 days of working out! 2000 meters of swimming, then 10 k of running, then 15 miles of hard biking…probably the equivalent of more if I hadn’t done the hill. I want to do more time-trially work later, as I think the course I’ll be on will be pretty flat.

A good ride, man! I think I’m a good climber! Wasn’t really pushing that hard and still overtook everyone. Cross training is good. My AHR would have been higher but for the long descent at the end; closer to 140 or so. It was around 143-4 throughout most of that climb. This should definitely be a regular route for me.

Good work. Tomorrow will either be off or a brick…can’t tell which! If it’s a brick, I’ll do fast running and fast biking if I can.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Speed and Conditioning Improve

6:45-8 AM

RUN: Core work good—core still sore from yesterday’s swim; interesting, I’ve never felt that before. I think it was because I was stretching out the strokes so much. Shoulders feel good, not sore or clicky—makes me think my form was good. Anyway—the run:

6.4 miles
Time: 53:37
AHR: 137 (73%)
MHR: 160 (86%)
LAPS (1.6m in length)
First lap: about 15 minutes; hr around 125 (9:22 minute/mile)
Second lap: about 14 minutes; hr around 134 (8:45/ mile)
Third lap: about 13 minutes; hr around 143 (8:08 min/mile)
Fourth lap: about 12 minutes hr around 153 (7:30/mile)

This was more or less the pace I was going for throughout the run: to increase the pace on each lap by a minute, and that’s almost exactly what I did. Funny—I didn’t hit my stride until about mile 2-3 maybe 20 minutes into the run. It took that long. Maybe because I haven’t run in awhile with any speed or intensity. But this was encouraging; my leg felt okay—calves didn’t get tight.

My fastest lap time—12 minutes—was a minute and a half slower than my fast tempo pace from 2 weeks ago. BUT the most encouraging thing is that my average HR, 137, is SLOWER than the 139 it was 2 weeks ago when I ran the same distance almost a minute slower! So my speed AND conditioning are improving, even though I haven’t been running much—it’s the cross-training, body awareness, relaxation, etc. Clearly I’m not into OT, and the extra rest from running over the last week or so has been a help. Nice job!

Per mile pace: I’m going to shoot for 7:30 per mile in the real race, bringing my pace in the race to about 45 minutes or so…that would be a good goal, especially after the swim and the bike. But this was encouraging after the injury. Tomorrow: bike or brick? Don’t know yet…probably bike to allow myself to recover from the hard run.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

3/27/05 Sunday (dates screwed up—I didn’t take a day off…)

RUN: 30 minutes, easy pace, 3.2 miles. Really just seeing how the leg does at a slightly longer pace than yesterday. AHR can’t remember as it’s now Tuesday—probably around high 120’s. Kept it mellow—no worries about speed. Did warmup, core work, and cooldown.

3/28 Monday

Day off

3/29 Tuesday

Early AM.
Did the SCAQ workout again, since it was so effective—and challenging—last week. Haven’t benchmarked my mile in a couple of weeks now—will do that soon. But was more scrupulous this time about keeping on the clock, pushed myself harder, intervals were faster—about 1 min and 15 seconds per 50, including the rest. Did all the drills, even that annoying kicking one where I feel like I’m going to drown. Took about an hour…2000 meters all told. Warmup and cooldown as usual, no core work. Form is improving, I think. Fastest 100 meters was 1:38. Is that any good? Can’t tell. Of course it was long into the workout…300 meters is EASY now. And 400 won’t be that much harder. I can keep my 1 min per 50 easily. That’s really my endurance pace…stroking getting stronger.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bike/Run Brick

7:15-10:00 AM

BIKE: 2 hours
AHR: 126 (67%)
MHR: 143 (76%)
Dist: 31 miles
Avg Speed: 16 or so? Don’t remember from bike computer.
Place: Santa Monica Bike path, Marina path. Out and back, plus a couple of mini-excursions on the way out. Almost totally flat, very few hills.

RUN: 20 minutes
AHR: 143 (76%)
MHR: 153 (82%)
Dist: ??
Place: Santa Monica Beach, along the water on hard sand.

BIKE Kept cadence scrupulously up between 80 and 90. Gears low; stayed on midsized blade. Good level 2-3 workout… Felt good, though I had to stop and find my way a few times; stoplights, et al screwed me up a few times too. But overall, very fast.
RUN Felt strong at the beginning—strange after all the biking, but I felt good. Soft surfaces are SO MUCH better for me. NO calf issues. It was really an easy run just to practice transitioning…but it was good. Felt a little tired coming in—last 5 minutes when I had to run over soft sand was tougher.

But great work! Almost 3 hours, and felt good! Usual wu and cd, too

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Run/Swim Brick

6:25-7:45 or so.

Dynamic wu; core work
RUN (treadmill at 7.0 mph, 2% incline)
:25 min
AHR: 134 (72%)
MHR: 147 (79%)
SWIM (drills and intervals)
:25 min
Yoga sequence stretches

This was a brick by necessity—pool was slammed at 6:30 when I got there, so I went to run for 25 min. R soleus still in pain, but eased through it. L knee in a little pain from falling yesterday; R shoulder a little painful from swimming just a couple of days ago. So lots of orthopedic issues. Ow. Still, good wo—about a level 2-3 for both sports. The swim was a new thing: did catchup drill and head-shoulder touch drill; head down drill. Then tried to go 25 yds. On just 9 strokes at a time instead of 10. Got pretty okay at it. Also did 100 yds on the 2:30; 300 yd warmup and cooldown, drills…about 900 yds. Total. Good workout—though I think I’m on the verge of hurting myself—must kind of ease up so that I don’t hurt myself for real. Tomorrow off, Sat. bike ride—along the beach!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mud = A Bust

6:05 AM-7:15


Time: 1:10:33
Effort: Level II workout.
AHR: 118 (63%)
MHR: 148 (79%)
Distance: 11.45 miles
Avg Speed: 10 mph

Ugh! What an awful workout! Griffith Park roads were all silty from the rain runoff, mud got into my bike gears and fucked up my cleats; I worried about the bike a lot of the way. It really was more of a mountain bike ride, and here I was on my bike trying to make it work. Also fell over at an intersection when a slow-moving pedestrian didn’t get out of my way fast enough. Wound up opening the cut in my leg again and having to drag my bike—which was caught on my cleat-foot—off to the side. Annoying. Really annoying.

Only high points were the initial hill up to the observatory, which I did in very low gear, preserving energy, staying in the saddle, and keeping the cadence up at around 80; that seems to be the key to good climbing. I WANTED to put some serious mileage down today, but took a wrong turn down a really shitty, pot-holed, muddy road, which totally screwed up my descent—meaning brakes were on full on the way down. It was awful. At the end I also tried to salvage things by busting up some Hollywood Hills down at the foot of the Griffith entrance before I went slinking back to my car. That was pretty good…anyway, climbing isn’t my issue. It’s the time-trial stuff that I still need to work on—flat, raw speed and endurance, in the aerobars. Perhaps this weekend I’ll take an early trip to the Santa Monica bike path and put down 25-30 miles or so. THAT will be fun. Today was sort of a bust. I mean, not TOO bad, but spent a lot of time out of the HR zone. The only reason I averaged 118 was those hill climbs. Oh well.

Calves STILL a little sore. Maybe run this weekend? Not before, I think. Do another swim and another bike first.

Tomorrow I’m going to swim again. LSD. Maybe I’ll do MORE than a mile this time! Who knows…

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

SCAQ Swim Workout

7:20-8:35 AM

2X100 w/u 1:30
2X50 catchup drill
3X100 on the 2:30
2X50 side kick (killer)
2X200 4 min
2X50 touch shoulder + head
1 X 300 speeding up each 100
50 easy stroking
100 sprint pace (1:40)
50 easy
300 kick emphasis
Total yardage: 2000

This was a workout assigned by the SCAQ people. Thought it looked easy because the yardage on each set was low. But it was tough! 2000 yards is the most I’ve ever swum at a stretch. Think it took me an hour. Tried to time most of my swims; 50 yd. generally took me around 50 seconds, maybe 55…it’s sure easier to do in the 50 meter pool (no turning). Tried to incorporate the drills that Clay and Gina gave us on Saturday. A tough workout, done well. That workout will improve me. Next swim should be LSD—check my mile pace again.

I took 2 days off since the long workout on Saturday! Felt good coming back. Fresh, though calves still in pain. I refuse to do more running till they’re 100 percent.

Tomorrow: bike. Maybe Griffth Park again, this time sticking to the river trail, done time-trial style. Maybe fast up, slow back 6-8 times or so? Or maybe I’ll repeat that huge hill I did, now that I know where it goes. That’s probably around an 18 mile loop, which is pretty good. Calves getting better, though still tender. By tomorrow, I suspect they’ll be okay to bike, but not okay to run yet! When I run, I want them to be 100%, no less! NO pain at all. That might not be till the weekend! Meaning I might go swim, bike, swim, bike this week...

No tri camp this weekend! Don’t know what to suggest as far as a brick workout or whatever, as Robert has offered to hold one.

Massage tomorrow! Paul at the gym has offered one for free. A good thing. Proud of myself for taking the time off. That’s rare for me.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Swim Bike Run

6:45 AM-11 AM

Long ass SWIM workout: drills of 50 meters each : catchup, kick on side, shoulder, head touch, etc. etc. Lots of 50 meter swims. Fun, I did well. Told I’m a “natural.”

Then—brick workout: 15 miles or so on the bike in about 45 min; 17 mph or so average. 26 top speed. Good push. Then 2 mile run ~2 mile walk. Calves KILLING me, that’s why I walked instead of ran. I was hanging with the fastest guys and was planning a good push till my calves started getting me; should not have attempted the run and this week DETERMINED to go easy. No running, swim and bike only. Lots of flexibility/core. Easy. Want to go easy, easy. Recovery week! Please go easy. I want my calves to heal. It’s now been almost a week of pain.

Avg HR during bike/run: 140; top was 185 which sounds high: think the watch is off—probably 165.
Time of bike + run: 1:10. Felt good.

Wrung out. Glad I did it, but man, it was tough. All 3 events in one day, just pushing and pushing all the way through. Not easy, and lots of rest between the events! My heavens. Olympic dist. Will be really hard. Anyway—great week—not a recovery week AT ALL.

Must dial it back, urgently, this week. Do or die. Ease up, ease up, ease up.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Long Bike, Aerobars

Approx. 7:30 AM to 9:20 AM

Total time: 1:43:47; level II / III workout.
Distance: 25 miles, plus a little more.
AHR: 124 (66%)
MHR: 146 (78%)
Started and finished with usual w/u and cd
Other info on CATEYE computer; should get that; info on cadence and speed. I think Avg. speed was around 14 mph.
Place: Griffith loop + river path (ugly as hell!); up and over hill that I did the first half of weeks back on Johnny’s bike. Nice that it came out to 25 miles even…that’s the race distance.

Comments: A good ride. SERIOUS hill constitutes a good chunk of this—both up and down, pushing the HR up and making this a 2-3 ride and not just a 2. The descent was fun and getting better, though I think I’m still a little timid on fast downhills, especially tight hairpins. Climbed mostly in the saddle, standing occasionally for butt relief. Bike feels good and is fun to ride, as usual. Tried aerobars a few times; they’re not so hard after all. Definitely good for wind resistance; seems like speed went up every time I dropped into them. But I think I may need to have them adjusted…I feel really low in them, but maybe that’s the idea. They’re pretty fun! Anyway, yes, that’s a great loop; I don’t know if I did the real “Griffth Park” loop, but I did a good ride, and that’s what counts. Going online to check now to see if I did it “right.” Bike feels more and more like it’s mine!

Calves STILL very sore. Tomorrow will do the swim + the bike portion of the brick…and maybe will cycle through the run portion, just because I can tell that running will be really hard on the lower legs. Owch. Looking forward to swimming tomorrow, and having my technique evaluated; I hope I haven’t ingrained any terrible habits already!

X Training

8X170 stairs in Santa Monica w/Kate strapped to my belly. Sort of an interval workout: up and down 8 times.
HR avg: 132 (70%)
HR high: around 155 (82%) —that function on my HRM is FUCKED! It keeps saying in the 90’s somewhere.
Total time: 32:28

Did stretching, pull-ups (23) and pushups (25) afterwards. Very sweaty at the end. A tough set of stairs, and my legs were burning nicely by the end. Really a strength/interval session, not a LSD workout, though I think I probably could have put in a couple more reps. According to an email today after the swim workout on Saturday there will be an optional brick workout—which I’d like very much to do. So that will make a big workout Saturday…my calves are still really sore from the last couple of days, and I don’t want to hurt them more Saturday. I guess I will see if they’re still hurting then and then decide. I don’t want to risk injury, because, yes, I haven’t been taking it that easy this week so far (though I haven’t done much in the way of long workouts). Hope the calves heal and I won’t have to punk out of the brick on Saturday. Hope, hope. Of course, we’ll need a baby sitter and our usual guy isn’t available, so we may be screwed on that front. Hope we can find SOMEONE.

Having these injured/painful calves is a pain, but I suppose I’m paying for my overzealotry on Monday. I knew I should have gone easy…

Still, doing pretty well; don’t feel systemically drained.

I’m on Kate detail all day—all through tonight and tomorrow AM. Wow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Recovery and Overtraining

6 AM-6:50 AM

Quick swim workout, lots of variation, as I planned.
Dynamic w/u
500 yd w/u, easy crawl
200 yd drills: fisting (great! When I changed back to regular my stroke REALLY improved! Had to take 1 fewer stroke/length, which is great), 50 yd, reg swim 50; catchup 50 (also good); reg 50. Rested 30 sec or so between efforts.
250 yds of 50 yd sprints at 45 seconds or so, trying to keep good form. Recovered between sets about 1 min.
200 yd cooldown.

Total yardage: 1150. Pretty good workout overall. Not much to say except that I’m worrying less about distance and speed this week. Recovery, recovery. Perhaps tomorrow—when I have Kate literally all day, I will just do a hike with her. My calves feel a little better, though not 100 percent…still quite sore, actually, But no problem swimming. Tomorrow x-train…maybe hit up “The Stairs” in Santa Monica, to see how they are? Up and down a few times? Fisting really improved stroke, and that’s great…

Tomorrow: X train or rest; easy wo
Thursday: Run or bike, depending on calf pain
Friday: Whatever I didn’t do Thursday
Saturday: Swim w/group
Sunday: Brick or rest, depending…I’ll have 2 hours between Scott and Margreta, might as well use it. That will make a good 2 solid swims, and 2-3 each of biking and running. Good week. Just ease up on the intensity. I was strong today but felt the possibility of overtraining.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Soleus Muscles

6 AM-7:30 AM

: Level 3-4 for ~10 minutes; Bike: Level 2 for ~40 minutes.
Core work (first!)—column strength all sides, “seal” movement, rev. cr. W.twist.
Dyn wu.; yoga cooldown.

Wanted to do two tempo runs of the 1.6 mile loop around the neighborhood. My goal was to complete both of them in 12:30 each. I did much better than that: my first one I completed in 10:26. Great work! Avg. HR was 148; top was 163 (final sprint push). That was an excellent effort, and if I can (possibly) keep up that pace that will put my 10K at about 42 minutes, which would be terrific—though probably a pretty lofty goal. Maybe go for 45 minutes on my 10K? That would be the 7:30 mile I was shooting for. The pace today was 6:55/mile, a great pace. Definite booster there.

Downside: soleus muscles of both lower legs started hurting about 3/4 of the way through the run, followed by pain during the rest. So, after about 6 minutes of trying to stretch out the pain/cramping, I aborted the second tempo run effort, and went straight to the bike. Did I not warm up long enough? Or was I still sort of in pain from the bike ride on Saturday? (my legs weren’t sore yesterday or today either, though yesterday AM I felt a little of that slightly feverish sensation that comes with kicking my own ass pretty hard. Probably a combo, though it might have been unavoidable. It feels (even now, 2 hours after workout) crampy. Fortunately, tomorrow it’s a swim day. I might have to NOT do any more running this week. I’ve had this before and it takes a couple days to wear off.

Another possible culprit: running on the toes, which I do at higher speeds. The rapid deceleration required by the lower legs in a limited ROM might have been too much for the poor little soleus. New thought: just run through, don’t toe it on purpose.

Anyway: bike ride was good—stuck to the neighborhood, did 8 laps or so, completing the first 7 in 37:32 at an avg hr of 130, max of 144. Again, good—it was a LEVEL II workout. The HR is getting up there on the rides; which I actually think is good…I’m learning to push into the zone effectively.

Definitely a swim on the morrow. Maybe shoot for 2000 yds, no speed pressure? Lots of technique, drills, maybe a few sprints? Mix it up a lot—I want to swim for 50 minutes or so. Who knows what we’ll do on Sat for swim workout; might as well prep well for it. But I don’t want/need to do another mile benchmark this soon after the last one.

Lessons of today: good choice to abort second tempo run; don’t run on toes; ease up when the body tells me.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Feel Good Riding

8:00 AM-10:30 AM (approx.)
Triathlon Lab: Long Bike.
Total time: 2:15:42.
Distance: 30 miles or so.
Avg. HR: 125 (67%)
Max: 186 (99%, if it’s accurate, though I doubt it!)

Incredibly fun workout! New bike, new shoes, new speed, new attitude. I was right with the leader all the way up to the most remote spot: the radar domes, which Lloyd and Robert said, O, Eric will get there, or No one will get there. Well, I DID get there—I was right with Eric and probably could have smoked him but stuck alongside him out of companionship. Eric, however, smoked ME on the way back—mostly descending, which he may be a little better at—must practice my fearlessness. The trail up to the dome and the switchbacks below are very steep; I was hitting 35 mph or so going down them—and very exhilarating to ride. Eric got ahead of me on those and basically was gone, finishing a few minutes ahead of me. But I was a strong second, ahead even of the entire group that turned around early save one! So Eric and I really outdistanced everyone by a longshot. Plus I stopped to verify directions, slowing me down even more. Anyway, the point is that the new bike made the difference for me, putting me virtually neck and neck with the top cyclist in our group. Peter wasn’t there today, but I suspect I could have at least kept pace with him—though he’s definitely a strong guy. Aside from my competitiveness, which is definitely in evidence—I also just felt good riding. Really fun, exhilarating, great time overall. Must do Griffith this week!! Probably more than once, unless I do hills again up in Hollywood. I think I have to take tomorrow off. I’ve been going for four days now—time maybe for a break? I don’t know. Swim workout next Saturday with the Tri lab, so maybe I’ll limit my swims to one this week. One swim, two runs, two bikes before next Saturday. Maybe I’ll do a bike-run brick one day? Hell, I don’t know how I’m going to play it. I want to take it kind of easy, actually—this week was a great workout week! Lots of breakthroughs. Maybe I’ll ease off a little. Less time overall. Gotta find ways to keep up the core work even though I’m not going to the gym.

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Bike
Thursday: Run/Bike Brick (?)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Swim w/Lab (apparently, lots of yardage)
Sunday: Run/Bike Brick

Friday, March 11, 2005


6 am-7 am

Dyn Warmup; Yoga stretch @ end, 10 min.
1600 meter swim
Time: 32:22

Great time! Pushed it kind of, and made it happen. Good work—a benchmark. I hope I counted right! I think I did. I’m obviously getting faster, getting better at marshalling my forces. Question: now what on swimming?? Keep pushing for faster times? I’d say no benchmark on swim till week after next. After Sunday I want next week to be a recovery week!! Go easy—LSD, no real time concerns. Maybe I’ll do some unfamiliar routes: Griffith Park on Sunday, biking and/or running…make next week a no-pressure week. Swimming on the weekend, so I can do a lot of biking and running on my own. Maybe Tuesday swim, Wednesday bike, Thursday run, Friday bike, Saturday swim, Sunday bike/run? Doesn’t sound like much recovery…but I won’t be so time conscious. Keep it mostly in the 1-2 range.

Tomorrow: Tri Lab—lots of hill work. Yikes. Worked on the bike today—took it in and had a slow leak fixed in the back tire, then went home and patched the hole in the inner tube and checked the front inner tube for damage. Finding none, I put it back on. Good work getting it together. Also bought new water bottles that fit SNUGLY into the cages. Think I’ll fill them with Emergen-C! That would be good…but want to make sure there’s a little sugar there, not just powder; we’re going to be biking about 23 miles or so over lots of hills, so I don’t want to bonk! Must have nice big breakfast to keep myself going…really want to keep up this time! With the new bike I should do well, keeping up with the faster guys. Good w.u. at beginning…see ya.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A New Bike!

6:00-7:45 or so. (AM)

Dyn w/u. ; core work.
Avg HR: 118 (63% mhr)
Max: 143 (76% mhr).
Over 1:23:40

Easy ride on new bike! Kind of a comedy of errors: lost my water bottle in the first couple of miles; “crashed” standing totally still (getting the hang of toe clips); fell totally over and scraped the back of my leg on the blade. Ow. Anyway, put in probably 16 miles, maybe? Don’t really know…lots of starting and stopping; went around the neighborhood a couple of times (3 miles); up to Beverly on Rossmore, West on Beverly-south on La Brea, West on 3rd (shooting for 6th, but screwed up) over to the Santa Monica intersection (total 4-5 miles); then spun around and back again (another 4 miles); then circled around the neighborhood 4X (6 miles). So that’s about 18-20 miles or so…so bloody trafficky! So many lights. Freaked out a little learning that bike in LA rush hour traffic (!), but there was a definite learning curve. By the end—the 6 miles or so in our neighborhood—I was feeling good, the bike felt more natural. Traffic biking is basically a bad idea, though it’s good for awareness and handling…trial by fire learning those clips! Good thing I practiced clipping in and out…the bike’s great—a rocket compared to the Rockadile. Surprised, actually, that my avg. HR was 63 percent of max, actually not a bad training pace (fell out of it repeatedly during the first 9-10 miles because of the damn traffic). But got lots better on the neighborhood ride, which might be, frankly, the (boring, but effective) best way to get in a quick ride without much hubbub. Otherwise it will probably have to be a trip to Griffith. Tomorrow, long SWIM!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Long Slow Run

12 noon to around 1 PM
Dym W.u.
Ran 6.4 Miles in 54:29.
Negative split: first 3.2 miles in 28:40 (8.95 min/mile); second 3.2 in 25:49. (8.07 min/mile). Second half was equal in pace to my push last week for just 4.8 miles.
Avg. HR: 139 (74% max)
Max: 192 (think the monitor was off; the highest I saw during my final sprint was around 161= 86% max
Cool Down stretches.
This was supposed to be an LSD—long, slow distance. I pushed at the end and that threw my average HR up a bit. But I wanted to neg split. And it was a long distance.

Felt good! This was OVER 10K—the distance for the Olympic Triathlon. Good effort!
Finally got that SPECIALIZED bike, bought barely-used on Craig’s List from a guy who wants the newest, latest. Can’t wait to take it for a spin—maybe tomorrow, though I need shoes for it, and a pump…the back tire has been deflated. Really psyched about the bike! Great run today…sure would be great to get my mile pace down to 7 min, but that’s probably asking a little much. Maybe 7:45 for the 10K? After the bike and swim, that’s maybe even a little fast of a goal. But I could shoot for it.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Smooth, Effortless

6:15-7:30 AM


Dyn wu + core
500 yd warmup. Water instantly felt good. Have to stick with the M and F swim workouts. A fourth day between swims and I feel really awkward in the water!
50 yd. Sprints X 12. 15-30 seconds between each of the 4-rep sets; 90 seconds between sets. 50 yd cooldown. Average time / 50 about 47 seconds, though when I really pushed it on the last couple I hit around 43 seconds. Longer strokes=good. Felt good. Long warmup is important prior to sprinting! Must remember to do that. It no longer tires me out, it gets me comfy in the H2O. Water felt GREAT, very smooth, very effortless. Stroke getting better even though I didn’t do drills. Tomorrow day off. Important.

This week will be weird because I have to spend lots of time with Kate. AM workouts possibly not possible. Will have to do afternoon/evenings.

Bad depressed mood this morning! Good workout didn’t help. A shame.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Brick

9:15-10:30 AM
Avg HR: 129
Top HR: 163
Dyn w.u.

From UBF up into the Hollywood Hills as far up as I could go, then over to the running path for the Observatory at Griffith, did 2-min sprints/2-min walk up to the observatory, did 2 and a half of them (was at the top then); then RAN down pretty hard, back to the bike and back home. Fun workout again—got out of the saddle and pushed it on those hills. Really want to improve on the bike, that was my goal. But the run was hard and fun too. Have to do some easy run and bike distances this week, as I’ve been doing a lot of interval/speed stuff.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday with Triathlon Lab

7 – 9 AM

Bike with Triathlon Lab. 17-8 miles in about an hour. Don’t have exact numbers, but did about 16 of them in about 40 minutes. Not too bad. Flat terrain—a loop out by the airport. Good to be working with the group, but my bike is definitely slow, esp on the flat, open terrain. I know I could be a lot faster without the drag. Looked at a couple of bikes this last weekend but was gunshy about buying one. Don’t know why. Anyway, pretty good effort…despite the slow bike I was probably in the top 10 finishers of about 40-50 people, not bad for a bike novice like me. Getting mad at the front-running guys, especially the Adonis-black guy Peter, who finishes just ahead of me EVERY time…in the run. In the bike, he and Eric were way out ahead. THAT’S why I want a new bike, so I can catch THOSE guys. I worry that the bike is my slow event. Very costly in a triathlon, where you spend about 1/2 your race cycling.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Recovery Swim

Early AM Swim
Wu. + core.
1600 meters at 37:51. Recovery pace. Slow, but taking it easy on purpose. Felt a little miffed that it was slower than last week but last week I was GOING for time. This wasn’ a benchmark, it was just a recovery swim. Found a good pace in the last 400 meters or so that felt like I could keep up but was faster.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005



Dynamic w/u
Biked for an hour (approx)
Avg HR 127; Max 149. Lots of stopping and going due to lights and traffic, but good wo nonetheless. Went, via weird path, to Griffith Park entrance. Uphill generally. Have to work on climbing—my shifting is too random, not smooth. HR up during descents because they’re so fun! Up to almost 140.

Ran for a quick 13 minutes, 1.6 miles.
HR around 143 or so.max 153.

Overall Avg. HR 128, max 153. Easier to elevate HR while standing in saddle. Sitting it stays lower but legs burn more. Still sitting lots.

Fun workout. Didin’t do my long run,though. Might be a run-light week.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Swim Sprints

6:10 AM-7-20 AM


Warmup/core work
50-yard intervals:
4 X 50 drills: fisting, buoy, catchup, rotation (no R side breathing—I was sharing a lane. That’s fallen by the wayside. Bad!)
8 X 50 sprint speed, swimming hard. 10-11 stroke cycles/25 meters. Tough!
2 X 100 Cool down pace. Wanted to do it all in one 200 yard interval, but wasn’t up for it. Tired from the sprints! Lots of LA buildup.
Cooldown: 10 min yoga.

This was hard, and kind of frustrating, but I have to cut myself a break on these swim sprints: they’re friggin’ hard! Hard time feeling my way in the water—it’s been an extra day, but got into it. Thursday I’m going to do my long swim. Perhaps a mile, perhaps less. Again, need to gauge my energy. Tomorrow, long run, short ride. Maybe I should do a full 10K at last, at easy, chattable pace. Then easy bike. A brick, you know? We’ll see.