Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good Ride, Climb, Work

6:45-8:00 AM

, 70 mins, level 3
Dyn wu
Distance: 15.6 miles
AHR: 130 (70%)
MHR: 151 (81%)
Time: 1:09, including break for water at hilltop.
Top Speed: 28 or so
Avg Speed: 13.4

Bike ride in Griffith Park. Parked in Westernmost entrance to the park, rode East on Los Feliz to Riverside, rode along I-5, then up the hill to the observatory (missed the turn to go up the hill, but went back for it). Then up and over the observatory hill and down for a nice descent around the hairpins. Back hill up to observatory remains tough—alternated staying in the saddle, downshifting and spinning with standing and staying in a higher gear. Seemed to work well to have both tactics.

Overtook pretty much everyone I encountered…no one real challenging was out. One woman passed me early on a hill; I would have taken her eventually but she turned off…shame. Anyway, it’s a great ride! A good loop that I’ve finally found…road conditions pretty good, though still sandy/silty on the way down….and not really possible to let go totally on the brakes because of poor roads. But a great climb that I’m getting better at.

This was a good 3 days of working out! 2000 meters of swimming, then 10 k of running, then 15 miles of hard biking…probably the equivalent of more if I hadn’t done the hill. I want to do more time-trially work later, as I think the course I’ll be on will be pretty flat.

A good ride, man! I think I’m a good climber! Wasn’t really pushing that hard and still overtook everyone. Cross training is good. My AHR would have been higher but for the long descent at the end; closer to 140 or so. It was around 143-4 throughout most of that climb. This should definitely be a regular route for me.

Good work. Tomorrow will either be off or a brick…can’t tell which! If it’s a brick, I’ll do fast running and fast biking if I can.

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