Wednesday, March 02, 2005



Dynamic w/u
Biked for an hour (approx)
Avg HR 127; Max 149. Lots of stopping and going due to lights and traffic, but good wo nonetheless. Went, via weird path, to Griffith Park entrance. Uphill generally. Have to work on climbing—my shifting is too random, not smooth. HR up during descents because they’re so fun! Up to almost 140.

Ran for a quick 13 minutes, 1.6 miles.
HR around 143 or so.max 153.

Overall Avg. HR 128, max 153. Easier to elevate HR while standing in saddle. Sitting it stays lower but legs burn more. Still sitting lots.

Fun workout. Didin’t do my long run,though. Might be a run-light week.

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