Monday, March 07, 2005

Smooth, Effortless

6:15-7:30 AM


Dyn wu + core
500 yd warmup. Water instantly felt good. Have to stick with the M and F swim workouts. A fourth day between swims and I feel really awkward in the water!
50 yd. Sprints X 12. 15-30 seconds between each of the 4-rep sets; 90 seconds between sets. 50 yd cooldown. Average time / 50 about 47 seconds, though when I really pushed it on the last couple I hit around 43 seconds. Longer strokes=good. Felt good. Long warmup is important prior to sprinting! Must remember to do that. It no longer tires me out, it gets me comfy in the H2O. Water felt GREAT, very smooth, very effortless. Stroke getting better even though I didn’t do drills. Tomorrow day off. Important.

This week will be weird because I have to spend lots of time with Kate. AM workouts possibly not possible. Will have to do afternoon/evenings.

Bad depressed mood this morning! Good workout didn’t help. A shame.

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