Tuesday, March 22, 2005

SCAQ Swim Workout

7:20-8:35 AM

2X100 w/u 1:30
2X50 catchup drill
3X100 on the 2:30
2X50 side kick (killer)
2X200 4 min
2X50 touch shoulder + head
1 X 300 speeding up each 100
50 easy stroking
100 sprint pace (1:40)
50 easy
300 kick emphasis
Total yardage: 2000

This was a workout assigned by the SCAQ people. Thought it looked easy because the yardage on each set was low. But it was tough! 2000 yards is the most I’ve ever swum at a stretch. Think it took me an hour. Tried to time most of my swims; 50 yd. generally took me around 50 seconds, maybe 55…it’s sure easier to do in the 50 meter pool (no turning). Tried to incorporate the drills that Clay and Gina gave us on Saturday. A tough workout, done well. That workout will improve me. Next swim should be LSD—check my mile pace again.

I took 2 days off since the long workout on Saturday! Felt good coming back. Fresh, though calves still in pain. I refuse to do more running till they’re 100 percent.

Tomorrow: bike. Maybe Griffth Park again, this time sticking to the river trail, done time-trial style. Maybe fast up, slow back 6-8 times or so? Or maybe I’ll repeat that huge hill I did, now that I know where it goes. That’s probably around an 18 mile loop, which is pretty good. Calves getting better, though still tender. By tomorrow, I suspect they’ll be okay to bike, but not okay to run yet! When I run, I want them to be 100%, no less! NO pain at all. That might not be till the weekend! Meaning I might go swim, bike, swim, bike this week...

No tri camp this weekend! Don’t know what to suggest as far as a brick workout or whatever, as Robert has offered to hold one.

Massage tomorrow! Paul at the gym has offered one for free. A good thing. Proud of myself for taking the time off. That’s rare for me.

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