Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bike/Run Brick

7:15-10:00 AM

BIKE: 2 hours
AHR: 126 (67%)
MHR: 143 (76%)
Dist: 31 miles
Avg Speed: 16 or so? Don’t remember from bike computer.
Place: Santa Monica Bike path, Marina path. Out and back, plus a couple of mini-excursions on the way out. Almost totally flat, very few hills.

RUN: 20 minutes
AHR: 143 (76%)
MHR: 153 (82%)
Dist: ??
Place: Santa Monica Beach, along the water on hard sand.

BIKE Kept cadence scrupulously up between 80 and 90. Gears low; stayed on midsized blade. Good level 2-3 workout… Felt good, though I had to stop and find my way a few times; stoplights, et al screwed me up a few times too. But overall, very fast.
RUN Felt strong at the beginning—strange after all the biking, but I felt good. Soft surfaces are SO MUCH better for me. NO calf issues. It was really an easy run just to practice transitioning…but it was good. Felt a little tired coming in—last 5 minutes when I had to run over soft sand was tougher.

But great work! Almost 3 hours, and felt good! Usual wu and cd, too

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