Thursday, March 24, 2005

Run/Swim Brick

6:25-7:45 or so.

Dynamic wu; core work
RUN (treadmill at 7.0 mph, 2% incline)
:25 min
AHR: 134 (72%)
MHR: 147 (79%)
SWIM (drills and intervals)
:25 min
Yoga sequence stretches

This was a brick by necessity—pool was slammed at 6:30 when I got there, so I went to run for 25 min. R soleus still in pain, but eased through it. L knee in a little pain from falling yesterday; R shoulder a little painful from swimming just a couple of days ago. So lots of orthopedic issues. Ow. Still, good wo—about a level 2-3 for both sports. The swim was a new thing: did catchup drill and head-shoulder touch drill; head down drill. Then tried to go 25 yds. On just 9 strokes at a time instead of 10. Got pretty okay at it. Also did 100 yds on the 2:30; 300 yd warmup and cooldown, drills…about 900 yds. Total. Good workout—though I think I’m on the verge of hurting myself—must kind of ease up so that I don’t hurt myself for real. Tomorrow off, Sat. bike ride—along the beach!!

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