Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Swim Sprints

6:10 AM-7-20 AM


Warmup/core work
50-yard intervals:
4 X 50 drills: fisting, buoy, catchup, rotation (no R side breathing—I was sharing a lane. That’s fallen by the wayside. Bad!)
8 X 50 sprint speed, swimming hard. 10-11 stroke cycles/25 meters. Tough!
2 X 100 Cool down pace. Wanted to do it all in one 200 yard interval, but wasn’t up for it. Tired from the sprints! Lots of LA buildup.
Cooldown: 10 min yoga.

This was hard, and kind of frustrating, but I have to cut myself a break on these swim sprints: they’re friggin’ hard! Hard time feeling my way in the water—it’s been an extra day, but got into it. Thursday I’m going to do my long swim. Perhaps a mile, perhaps less. Again, need to gauge my energy. Tomorrow, long run, short ride. Maybe I should do a full 10K at last, at easy, chattable pace. Then easy bike. A brick, you know? We’ll see.

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