Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

3/27/05 Sunday (dates screwed up—I didn’t take a day off…)

RUN: 30 minutes, easy pace, 3.2 miles. Really just seeing how the leg does at a slightly longer pace than yesterday. AHR can’t remember as it’s now Tuesday—probably around high 120’s. Kept it mellow—no worries about speed. Did warmup, core work, and cooldown.

3/28 Monday

Day off

3/29 Tuesday

Early AM.
Did the SCAQ workout again, since it was so effective—and challenging—last week. Haven’t benchmarked my mile in a couple of weeks now—will do that soon. But was more scrupulous this time about keeping on the clock, pushed myself harder, intervals were faster—about 1 min and 15 seconds per 50, including the rest. Did all the drills, even that annoying kicking one where I feel like I’m going to drown. Took about an hour…2000 meters all told. Warmup and cooldown as usual, no core work. Form is improving, I think. Fastest 100 meters was 1:38. Is that any good? Can’t tell. Of course it was long into the workout…300 meters is EASY now. And 400 won’t be that much harder. I can keep my 1 min per 50 easily. That’s really my endurance pace…stroking getting stronger.

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