Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Long Bike, Aerobars

Approx. 7:30 AM to 9:20 AM

Total time: 1:43:47; level II / III workout.
Distance: 25 miles, plus a little more.
AHR: 124 (66%)
MHR: 146 (78%)
Started and finished with usual w/u and cd
Other info on CATEYE computer; should get that; info on cadence and speed. I think Avg. speed was around 14 mph.
Place: Griffith loop + river path (ugly as hell!); up and over hill that I did the first half of weeks back on Johnny’s bike. Nice that it came out to 25 miles even…that’s the race distance.

Comments: A good ride. SERIOUS hill constitutes a good chunk of this—both up and down, pushing the HR up and making this a 2-3 ride and not just a 2. The descent was fun and getting better, though I think I’m still a little timid on fast downhills, especially tight hairpins. Climbed mostly in the saddle, standing occasionally for butt relief. Bike feels good and is fun to ride, as usual. Tried aerobars a few times; they’re not so hard after all. Definitely good for wind resistance; seems like speed went up every time I dropped into them. But I think I may need to have them adjusted…I feel really low in them, but maybe that’s the idea. They’re pretty fun! Anyway, yes, that’s a great loop; I don’t know if I did the real “Griffth Park” loop, but I did a good ride, and that’s what counts. Going online to check now to see if I did it “right.” Bike feels more and more like it’s mine!

Calves STILL very sore. Tomorrow will do the swim + the bike portion of the brick…and maybe will cycle through the run portion, just because I can tell that running will be really hard on the lower legs. Owch. Looking forward to swimming tomorrow, and having my technique evaluated; I hope I haven’t ingrained any terrible habits already!

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