Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Long Slow Run

12 noon to around 1 PM
Dym W.u.
Ran 6.4 Miles in 54:29.
Negative split: first 3.2 miles in 28:40 (8.95 min/mile); second 3.2 in 25:49. (8.07 min/mile). Second half was equal in pace to my push last week for just 4.8 miles.
Avg. HR: 139 (74% max)
Max: 192 (think the monitor was off; the highest I saw during my final sprint was around 161= 86% max
Cool Down stretches.
This was supposed to be an LSD—long, slow distance. I pushed at the end and that threw my average HR up a bit. But I wanted to neg split. And it was a long distance.

Felt good! This was OVER 10K—the distance for the Olympic Triathlon. Good effort!
Finally got that SPECIALIZED bike, bought barely-used on Craig’s List from a guy who wants the newest, latest. Can’t wait to take it for a spin—maybe tomorrow, though I need shoes for it, and a pump…the back tire has been deflated. Really psyched about the bike! Great run today…sure would be great to get my mile pace down to 7 min, but that’s probably asking a little much. Maybe 7:45 for the 10K? After the bike and swim, that’s maybe even a little fast of a goal. But I could shoot for it.

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