Wednesday, March 16, 2005

X Training

8X170 stairs in Santa Monica w/Kate strapped to my belly. Sort of an interval workout: up and down 8 times.
HR avg: 132 (70%)
HR high: around 155 (82%) —that function on my HRM is FUCKED! It keeps saying in the 90’s somewhere.
Total time: 32:28

Did stretching, pull-ups (23) and pushups (25) afterwards. Very sweaty at the end. A tough set of stairs, and my legs were burning nicely by the end. Really a strength/interval session, not a LSD workout, though I think I probably could have put in a couple more reps. According to an email today after the swim workout on Saturday there will be an optional brick workout—which I’d like very much to do. So that will make a big workout Saturday…my calves are still really sore from the last couple of days, and I don’t want to hurt them more Saturday. I guess I will see if they’re still hurting then and then decide. I don’t want to risk injury, because, yes, I haven’t been taking it that easy this week so far (though I haven’t done much in the way of long workouts). Hope the calves heal and I won’t have to punk out of the brick on Saturday. Hope, hope. Of course, we’ll need a baby sitter and our usual guy isn’t available, so we may be screwed on that front. Hope we can find SOMEONE.

Having these injured/painful calves is a pain, but I suppose I’m paying for my overzealotry on Monday. I knew I should have gone easy…

Still, doing pretty well; don’t feel systemically drained.

I’m on Kate detail all day—all through tonight and tomorrow AM. Wow.

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