Saturday, March 19, 2005

Swim Bike Run

6:45 AM-11 AM

Long ass SWIM workout: drills of 50 meters each : catchup, kick on side, shoulder, head touch, etc. etc. Lots of 50 meter swims. Fun, I did well. Told I’m a “natural.”

Then—brick workout: 15 miles or so on the bike in about 45 min; 17 mph or so average. 26 top speed. Good push. Then 2 mile run ~2 mile walk. Calves KILLING me, that’s why I walked instead of ran. I was hanging with the fastest guys and was planning a good push till my calves started getting me; should not have attempted the run and this week DETERMINED to go easy. No running, swim and bike only. Lots of flexibility/core. Easy. Want to go easy, easy. Recovery week! Please go easy. I want my calves to heal. It’s now been almost a week of pain.

Avg HR during bike/run: 140; top was 185 which sounds high: think the watch is off—probably 165.
Time of bike + run: 1:10. Felt good.

Wrung out. Glad I did it, but man, it was tough. All 3 events in one day, just pushing and pushing all the way through. Not easy, and lots of rest between the events! My heavens. Olympic dist. Will be really hard. Anyway—great week—not a recovery week AT ALL.

Must dial it back, urgently, this week. Do or die. Ease up, ease up, ease up.

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