Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Recovery and Overtraining

6 AM-6:50 AM

Quick swim workout, lots of variation, as I planned.
Dynamic w/u
500 yd w/u, easy crawl
200 yd drills: fisting (great! When I changed back to regular my stroke REALLY improved! Had to take 1 fewer stroke/length, which is great), 50 yd, reg swim 50; catchup 50 (also good); reg 50. Rested 30 sec or so between efforts.
250 yds of 50 yd sprints at 45 seconds or so, trying to keep good form. Recovered between sets about 1 min.
200 yd cooldown.

Total yardage: 1150. Pretty good workout overall. Not much to say except that I’m worrying less about distance and speed this week. Recovery, recovery. Perhaps tomorrow—when I have Kate literally all day, I will just do a hike with her. My calves feel a little better, though not 100 percent…still quite sore, actually, But no problem swimming. Tomorrow x-train…maybe hit up “The Stairs” in Santa Monica, to see how they are? Up and down a few times? Fisting really improved stroke, and that’s great…

Tomorrow: X train or rest; easy wo
Thursday: Run or bike, depending on calf pain
Friday: Whatever I didn’t do Thursday
Saturday: Swim w/group
Sunday: Brick or rest, depending…I’ll have 2 hours between Scott and Margreta, might as well use it. That will make a good 2 solid swims, and 2-3 each of biking and running. Good week. Just ease up on the intensity. I was strong today but felt the possibility of overtraining.

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