Friday, March 11, 2005


6 am-7 am

Dyn Warmup; Yoga stretch @ end, 10 min.
1600 meter swim
Time: 32:22

Great time! Pushed it kind of, and made it happen. Good work—a benchmark. I hope I counted right! I think I did. I’m obviously getting faster, getting better at marshalling my forces. Question: now what on swimming?? Keep pushing for faster times? I’d say no benchmark on swim till week after next. After Sunday I want next week to be a recovery week!! Go easy—LSD, no real time concerns. Maybe I’ll do some unfamiliar routes: Griffith Park on Sunday, biking and/or running…make next week a no-pressure week. Swimming on the weekend, so I can do a lot of biking and running on my own. Maybe Tuesday swim, Wednesday bike, Thursday run, Friday bike, Saturday swim, Sunday bike/run? Doesn’t sound like much recovery…but I won’t be so time conscious. Keep it mostly in the 1-2 range.

Tomorrow: Tri Lab—lots of hill work. Yikes. Worked on the bike today—took it in and had a slow leak fixed in the back tire, then went home and patched the hole in the inner tube and checked the front inner tube for damage. Finding none, I put it back on. Good work getting it together. Also bought new water bottles that fit SNUGLY into the cages. Think I’ll fill them with Emergen-C! That would be good…but want to make sure there’s a little sugar there, not just powder; we’re going to be biking about 23 miles or so over lots of hills, so I don’t want to bonk! Must have nice big breakfast to keep myself going…really want to keep up this time! With the new bike I should do well, keeping up with the faster guys. Good w.u. at beginning…see ya.

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