Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday with Triathlon Lab

7 – 9 AM

Bike with Triathlon Lab. 17-8 miles in about an hour. Don’t have exact numbers, but did about 16 of them in about 40 minutes. Not too bad. Flat terrain—a loop out by the airport. Good to be working with the group, but my bike is definitely slow, esp on the flat, open terrain. I know I could be a lot faster without the drag. Looked at a couple of bikes this last weekend but was gunshy about buying one. Don’t know why. Anyway, pretty good effort…despite the slow bike I was probably in the top 10 finishers of about 40-50 people, not bad for a bike novice like me. Getting mad at the front-running guys, especially the Adonis-black guy Peter, who finishes just ahead of me EVERY time…in the run. In the bike, he and Eric were way out ahead. THAT’S why I want a new bike, so I can catch THOSE guys. I worry that the bike is my slow event. Very costly in a triathlon, where you spend about 1/2 your race cycling.

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