Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Warmup+core: 15 min
Run: Warmup, 5 min then 2 2 min sprints, 2 1 min sprints, 2 30 second sprints, 1 1-minute sprint, separated by 2 min rest, 3 min cooldown. (total 1/2 hour, level 3-4)
AHR: 140
MHR: 161
Swim: 1000 meters in 50-100 meter segments. Drills for days, as planned: one arm, bilateral, fist, catchup, kick with board, sighting, eyes closed underwater, sprints. Sprinted 50 meters in 40 seconds! Not sodding bad.
Total: 1/2 hour, level 2-3
Yoga cooldown: 10 minutes
Total workout time: 90 minutes

Good workout. Sprinted FAST in that pool! 40 seconds for 50 meters is not freakin bad. Swimming straight is pigging imprinted on my body—I DO it. I just…I don’t know what happens in the open water. I know that when I get panicked I lose my line a bit. So on the Sat swim, that’s part of what was happening. Must learn to reset. Ease off. Then restart, swimming right. (and RIGHT, if need be).

As for the run: also good. Felt strong—not too long, pushed it, thought, high-intensity. Good work.

Tomorrow, long bike, new route. 20 plus miles, lots of hills. Hurrah hurrah.

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