Saturday, April 23, 2005


LSD SWIM (2/3 mile—approx 1/2 hour—lots of waiting)
LSD RUN (1:04)

Open water workshop. Here’s the thing: I HAVE TO SIGHT, I HAVE TO SIGHT, I HAVE TO SIGHT!! I’m a good swimmer, but I’m screwed if I don’t take my time and learn to look ahead of myself, get a good grip on my surroundings and stay straight!

If I’m going around something counterclockwise, I’m going to go to the outside so I can see other swimmers. If I’m going clockwise, I’m going to go to the inside for the same reason. MUST LEARN TO SIGHT. It’s a pain because I like to get into my stroke groove, but I’ve got to get my awareness up. That’s my one stumbling block on the swim and possibly on the whole race.

Long run, did half with company, half without. Some along the water’s edge. Generally pretty good…though tired towards the end. The 2/3 mile swim was after a run/swim/run exercise that was sprinty in quality. SO it was a good workout overall! But, FUCK ME, I’ve got to learn to swim straight! I’m going to fucking swim with my eyes closed in the pool, do one-arm drills and everything just to learn to do it. I’ve GOT to fix this problem, NOW! Lazy bastard.

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