Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Month Out

6:45-7:30 or so


Level 3 workout
AHR: 128 (68%)
MHR: 155 (83%)

Warmup + 5 min easy jog
4 X 1 min. sprint at 80% or so, followed by 90 second rest.
1.4 mile jog cooldown
Yoga stretching. 7 min.

Good workout there…not too long. Damn leg still fucked up. Don’t get it…was sore this morning, warmed up into the workout. Was not bad during the run. But it’s messed up. Maybe it’s a muscle pull? What does that mean? What kind of rehab does it need? Weird. But glad to be doing some speed work; I think it’s good for me at this point.

Found the MEN’S HEALTH Tri workout program in their book. I’ve been looking for a program that’s right; one in COMPETITOR said ride 50 m/week, run 20. For a sprint distance! That seems like a lot—it must be for experienced folks. I’m pretty aware of my body and when it’s going too hard and when it’s going hard enough, and I’ve been playing that edge pretty well throughout, my leg notwithstanding. The program in MH indicates that I should swim and run on the same day, then bike alone on another day. The distances they suggest are fairly doable; usually under a mile for the swims, then intervals for the run and bike distances. I’ve been freewheeling the last couple of weeks, really just throwing it together, despite my obsession. Now that I’m a month out from Andrew’s TRI #1 (wow!) I think I’ll probably amp it up, get a little more structured about it. 3x/week of each discipline. The program allows for the fact that you can’t kill yourself every day…with my 5x/week sked I’ve been pushing hard every workout.

So what to do this week? Another swim on SATURDAY coming up…maybe I’ll swim/run tomorrow (THURS) and bike on Friday—intervals this time. Swim again on SAT with the group, then maybe my long, easy ride Sunday. Or if I want tomorrow off, I’ll do a bike/run brick on FRIDAY, with bike fast and run long, and then a long bike on Sunday. See how I feel…I’ve gone three days sans break so far, though I feel okay today. Also possible: long bike THURS tomorrow, long run FRIDAY, fast bike SUNDAY. Monday should be off regardless—I want to start the new-old program on Tuesday the 19th. That’s the night of that lecture I wanted to go to anyway.

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