Monday, April 11, 2005

9 AM Workout

1600 meters in…33:58. Boo.

Well, I was feeling a little like not training today…not too fresh. Also worked out late—like almost 9 AM, which is when I’m usually long since done with my workout. So I was feeling sluggish, heavy, slow. Hadn’t really eaten, either. Lesson: don’t work out so late! Or skip the workout altogether when I’m feeling so slow. The Saturday brick was a pretty tough workout, and this, which was intended as a benchmark, was SLOW. Must check last 1-mile time…hang on…

Yup, the last mile swim I did, on 3/15 (wow, a long time ago!) was completed in 32:22. That was before all those SCAQ drills and miles yards! I’ve been putting in LONGER swim workouts, focusing on form, etc…and I lost 90 seconds in the swim. A shame.

Actually, when I think about it…It wasn’t that bad. 90 seconds isn’t significant. I failed to warm up, I hadn’t eaten, I hadn’t warmed up. Plus mentally I wasn’t there either: I was worried about an email I’d received about Gina ordering my wetsuit and how I’d gotten her in trouble by mentioning it to Lloyd, the triathlon lab owner and manager. AND my second 800 meters was completed in less than 16 minutes, so that 800 meters was on pace to beat my last best time. So I’m okay.

Lesson is WARM UP. And EAT or GET UP EARLY ENOUGH TO GET BREAKFAST by 7:30-8:00 or so. That will help.

Don’t really know how to organize this week: probably to a brick tomorrow—bike + run…maybe the Griffith Loop again. But I want to do some speed running this week and some speed biking too.
Tuesday: long bike
Wednesday: long run
Thursday: swim
Friday: bike/run brick: both for speed
Saturday: swim w/LAB
Sunday: bike. Long or hard.

Will also be running REALLY periodically for maybe 5 k or so now and then as one of my clients wants to run a 5k and I’m working with her. So I’ll have short runs for awhile in addition to my regular runs.

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