Sunday, April 17, 2005

Getting into Cold Water

4/16/05 Saturday

Ocean Swim/Recovery Run

Learned how to enter and exit the water; used my new wetsuit for the first time (which I had to buy but got for a SONG; I’m going to see how the H2O one works and decide if I want to just send it back!). Exhausting! Very tiring, and tough to get acclimated to that cold, cold water. Wow. Hard. Did it in relays: run in, swim out 50 yards or so; swim back, run out, tag the next person. Did it just THREE TIMES and was SPENT. Spent a few minutes body surfing, which I got better at, but still have to work on a lot to get down pat. Ocean swimming is hard; will take some getting used to before I can fully relax. Must spend some time—maybe outside of class, even, working on it and getting so I can do it well.

Recovery ran for about an hour afterwards with a group. Felt good! Ankle/calf okay. Recovery pace, ran about 5 miles or so.

4/17/05 Sunday
Biked for about 1:13 at 130 AHR, 153 MHR around my area, to downtown and then back towards La Cienega. Early Sunday’s a good time for it! Roads are nearly empty for probably the only time during the week. Completed about 18.5 miles in that time, giving me about 45 miles of biking for the week…not bad! Would like to be up to 50 on a good week, but I got close.

Will run with Margreta another 3 miles tonight—recovery pace again. Good. Probably will take tomorrow off then swim/run on Tuesday, bike on Wednesday. More swimming on next Saturday, so, will have to be prepped for that, organize the week to allow for that. Would like to do a pool swim and an ocean swim before next weekend. Maybe run with one, bike with another?

Monday: off
Tuesday: pool swim/track run brick
Wednesday: bike, long
Thursday: ocean swim/bike brick
Friday: Off?
Saturday: swim ocean/bike or run
Sunday: bike/run brick

That would be nine workouts , 3/discipline at all 3 efforts.

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