Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rest Day

Opting to take today off. Body feels and looks good—pumped. But a little sore, definitely. I think I could probably hack a workout today, but I want to stay juuuust ahead of the overtraining ghoul. And I think today is an ounce of prevention. Working out 4 days in a row should definitely be a rarity; 3 days is about optimal, especially since I tend to go pretty hard every time I’m out there. The last three days have been LSD Swim, Mid-Range BIKE w/hills, FAST RUN. SAT I’ll have my swim drill day, so FRI and SUN I’ll have to fit in a long run, a fast bike, and perhaps another long ride. Maybe tomorrow will be my long ride and Sunday will be my long run and fast ride. Or tomorrow will be my fast ride, and Sunday will be my long run, and I won’t do a super long ride this week, though they are very fun, aren’t they? OR…I could do a long ride that also has sprints WITHIN it. How bout that? That could be fun. Anyway, I don’t know exactly how I’ll plan it…running tomorrow is probably a bad call as I’ll be SAND RUNNING on Saturday. So maybe a long bike is in the cards tomorrow. Most likely…should I swim as well?

I am doing a semi-recovery run tonight when I train Margreta, and I shouldn’t discount that just because it’s at a relatively easy pace.

Anyway, going to enjoy the day! Lots of Kate time, I think!

Sure hope I get my wetsuit soon…otherwise it’s freeze my toes off day in the ocean…

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