Thursday, April 28, 2005

1:00 Minute Intervals

6:45-8:15 AM


Pool swim, SCAQ workout again; easy 25 minute run on treadmill.

Easily was able to keep my 50 intervals at a minute. I don’t know if this pool is smaller or what, but my times were really great…I did 300 meters in 5:30 with very little effort, A sprint 100 meters in 1:25, a full 10 seconds better than my pace from a couple weeks ago. Seems unlikely somehow that that could be, but I don’t know. I am doing all 3 disciplines more often. Anyway, felt good—had a kickboard for the first time and did that in lieu of the drowner kick exercise prescribed by SCAQ. Also practiced getting in the groove with my sighting, doing a couple of breaststrokes with every lap. Got better and easier. Certainly easier than the version that GG showed us during the ocean swim weeks ago. Good work.

25 minute boring recovery run. Treadmills are just plain boring. Oh well…day off tomorrow. Maybe hike or another run with Margreta this evening, but tomorrow off for sure. Saturday: Swim/Bike brick! Hurrah! Gotta stay straight!! Very important. And can’t hang around too much afterwards. Gotta get back by 10:30 for sure. So it’ll be a good push. Nice 3 day effort! Then long run/recovery bike on Sunday.

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