Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fast Swim/Recovery (Fast) Bike

About 1:15 all told…

Swim workout consisted of practicing in and outs in the ocean, swimming short distances (25 meters and less) in the ocean for 45 minutes or so. It was an acclimation thing; I didn’t really try to go that far or that fast; just body surfed a little and tried to get used to the motion of the ocean…Heidi and Kate came along. HR got up a few times, definitely, but was not as diligent about watching that as I was about just trying to get used to the sea. Form pretty good; kind of freaked out about the idea of paddling around in the ocean, man!

Later did what was supposed to be my recovery ride, but turned into a 25-minute tempo ride, really hammering on the pedals, around the neighborhood. Just did 7.17 miles—took me 23:56—five laps around 5th and 4th between Arden and Van Ness. Averaged 18 mph, even with all the necessary stopping and slowing.

Deserved day off tomorrow!! So what I have left is one more bike, really recovering, a long run, and my long swim, which I’ll do with the club. Then Monday off again. Good work this round! Don’t feel too exhausted! I think I’m progressing well.

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