Sunday, May 01, 2005

Run/Bike Reverse Brick

Run: LONG DISTANCE, race effort: 6.4 miles, usual neighborhood route, flat.
Time: 45:55
AHR: 148
MHR: 164

Bike: Also 6.4 miles, recovery pace.
Time: 25 minutes

Hurrah! Nice effort! Averaged 7:17 per mile on a race-effort push. Finished the first two laps at 11:18 and then 22:48 – second lap just a little slower. Can’t remember third lap time, but I deliberately eased off as I could tell I was on my edge…last lap was another good effort though. So good work. Afterwards I took the bike out and did 4 easy laps, just to stay bikey and cool down. Run effort great though. I’m going to do well in this sprint thing if I just keep going and don’t get hurt. This next week will be my last hard effort week—next week will be a cooldown week, a taper week.

Monday: off
Tuesday: SCAQ swim/Recovery run
Wednesday: LSD Bike
Thursday: LSD Run—slower than today! Just run for an hour or so/Recovery Swim, drills + some longer distances. Work the 300-400 meter range.
Friday: off
Saturday: Speed: Swim/Bike/Run
Sunday: Recovery Bike

This is indeed assuming that we will be doing a triathlon-style drill at the end of the week with Trilab. If we don’t, I’ll pick up the slack on Sunday—whatever discipline I don’t do I’ll add it in on Sunday.

Anyway, good workout week!

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