Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Long Swim/Fast Bike

75 minutes or so total

SCAQ swim again. Felt pretty good for most of it, then got tired towards the end and required a little more rest and slowed down. Maxed at 1:24 on my sprint 100, a second better than last week…almost ditched the last 100 meters of my workout, I was so tired…

Picked it up on the bike: 5 min warmup, then one-minute sprints at level 15, around 110 rpm, separated by 2 minutes of rest, 5 reps total, and a 3 minute cooldown. Good cadence drill. (oh yeah, this was a stationary bike effort, not a real bike effort—so sort of a cross-training thing). But it was a 10 mile deal in about 25 minutes (could that be accurate? Probably not…on the bike last week I did 10 miles in about 33 minutes, full out. This was not the same degree of intensity). AHR was 129, max was 149. Not bad…took 2 minutes between efforts.

Yoga stretching, 5 min.

Didn’t run today as lower calves still feeling last Sunday’s run effort. I SHOULD run tomorrow. Maybe a recovery run after a longer bike? Then a longer run on Thursday coupled with a recovery swim. Maybe I’ll do 4-5 laps at an easy pace, then go to the gym to splash around for 20 minutes. Should be good. But tomorrow, Griffith loop and an easy 20 min run? Sounds good to me.

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Kevin said...

I just dropped by to read your blog and say hello.

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