Friday, February 04, 2005

This Weeks’ Training

MONDAY: Swim: 6 X 200 meters. One minute breaks between sets; easy pace. Concentrated on form. Last 200: drills only. Buoy, Fisting, Rotation. Manageable. Shoulder okay; getting better, easier. Also core work, flexibility-focus warmup, cooldown yoga.

KateTUESDAY: 1 hr. 45 minute hike, carrying 25-30 lb. Resistance (Kate), up and around Runyon Canyon. R. foot still bothersome, tried to go hard up the hills, but still fairly easy, even with Kate. A level 2 workout.

WEDNESDAY: Strength training. Functional, lightweight, 2 sets of full-body moves requiring balance and coordination: chinups, presses, scarecrow, lunge and curl, touchdown and press. Felt good; not too intense. Also core work, flex. Warmup, yoga.


FRIDAY (today): Swim: flex. Warmup, core work (drawin + flexion). Easy swims at 500, 400, 300, 200, 100. Last 100 breathing on the RIGHT. HARD! Must keep drilling that to become bilateral breather. Tough, long workout—but DID IT! 1500 yards total, just 100 shy of the mile. I now have the endurance to get through the 400 meters—easily—that the sprint race will require! Hurrah.

Tomorrow (Sat) will be another long run. I’ve secured a bike loan from Johnny Ray and will use his ride for the race(s). Should be fun…glad I’m doing it on the relatively cheap, you know? Now that I’ve got the endurance for the swim, I’ll make one day a week an endurance day and one day a speed day. And once I get Johnny’s bike I’ll start doing the same with cycling. (didn’t spin this week. Bad, but had to rest and miss the Wednesday class…audition that day). Anyway, I’ve got to get on the bike, the real bike, soon. So that will give me the chance. Thinking that I should make it 2 bike days a week—again, one endurance, one speed, and just one run a week…speed AND endurance, bringing my weekly workouts to 5. I think I’ll stick with that for awhile, and see how it works. The triathlon camp workouts are tough, and of course I get competitive, so I push myself.

Tomorrow’s run will be longer than I’ve ever run! Over an hour. Going to go easy and not kill myself AT ALL on this one. Stay with the pack.

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