Friday, February 18, 2005

Swimming a Mile

6:10-7:20 AM

Flexibility Warmup
: core work—column strength/flexion emphasis.
Long Swim: 1600 meters (1 mile) in 35:24. Last 200 meters a bit faster.

Well, okay. Finally swam a mile! My longest distance. Quite manageable. On that last 200 meters or so, I pushed it, and felt GOOD! All the stretching I’ve done made me really feel the reaching in the water. Kinesthetically, it was great to do such a long, low-intensity swim, because it helps ingrain good technique. Rolling to the left when I breathe felt easier and more natural. Plus, on the 200 meter blast, I felt suddenly like I was actually swimming from the hips, as Harr suggests, and felt the hydrodynamics working for me. Also learning to keep the head IN THE WATER when I breathe. Kicking easily and rhythmically. It’s such an interesting movement, and you can really feel the way that correct technique helps you.

Didn’t do any breathing on the right…gaw. Anyway, quite happy with my progress. Will stay at this distance from here out. I’ll try to go a little faster every week without killing myself.

Tomorrow: brick workout! Going to the beach bike trail to ride a full 20 miles or so, then run another few, keeping myself at around 130 HR or so. Must bring a snack so I can keep my juices going. Want to run ON the beach, down by the water. A two hour workout for once, easy intensity, but LONG. Looking forward to it!

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