Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Long Run

Yes, did a long run today. Wanted to do 6.4 miles but wound up doing 4.8 miles at around 132 heart rate. Did the last 1.6 miles at 143 or so…a little more intense. The whole thing took me 46 minutes or so. Pretty slow—around 9 minutes a mile. But felt good afterwards—not wrung out the way I do after sprint workouts. I took around a 30 second-one minute break at each 1.6 miles to have some water—helpful. Definitely a good pace for me; or I should say intensity level. Didn’t bonk, and felt energized after, not drained as I said above.

Thinking of going back to the tried and true three on, one off method. That gives me time to do a speed and a distance workout of all three disciplines, plus some strength training on each three-day cycle if I so desire.

Went to Griffith Park today: they have some great running trails! No need for a track—I’ll run like Rocky, back to nature style, and do Fartleks, sprints and hills, all in a beautiful place. Plus, there’s a great 2.2 mile climb for bike work, and lots of bike-friendly roads throughout the park! It’s about a 3 mile ride from our home—not through the most bike-condusive area, but if I go early enough it should be okay. Course I’ll have to balance early and no traffic with early and no light. I COULD simply load the bike into the back of the truck and DRIVE there, too.

Tomorrow I go to spin class, this time with HRM ON! Will try to stay above 125 or so, and hopefully in the 130’s-150’s throughout the workout. I like the instructor Wednesday mornings—Jeff. A good guy, better than the sub last Tuesday. Depending on where my heart rate is, I may keep going to him, but tomorrow I pick up my bike; or I should say THE bike, at the shop. Perhaps I can do the run this weekend. Another possibility? Do my OWN ride Sat morning before Heidi’s hand class—maybe an early Santa Monica trail ride, maybe there and back for a total of 17 miles or so? Getting myself down to Redondo might be a little much.

Picking up the bike tomorrow! Hurrah. It will be good to at last have it.

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