Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pretty Good Run

6:30 AM-7:40 AM

LONG RUN/SHORT, RECOVERY BIKE: Run 40 min level II-III; bike 15 min @ 1-2
Dynamic w/u.
Run: 4.8 miles
Time: 37:57
Avg. Heart Rate: 146 (78% mhr); max 162 (86%)
Pace: 7.91 minutes/mile (!)

Bike: 3.2 miles
Time: unk.
Avg HR: 134 or so
Pretty good run, there, chappy. Pushed it hard—note AVERAGE MHR percentage (bumped up by final sprint, but it was in the 150’s for much of the last 2/3-but felt good. Last 1.6 miles (final neighborhood lap) tough but manageable. HR recovers fast and well, and now, just a few minutes after, I feel great—energized. Legs pounding a bit—have to stretch it out. Realized that I didn’t schedule in a sprint run this week, which I SHOULD do, maybe after my long bike tomorrow, just a handful of sprints? Biked more for fun, really, because it’s so much fun. Going to bike long tomorrow, maybe at Griffith? Good workout. Not really a brick, but good.

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