Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Heart Rate in the Zone

5:55-7:10 AM

Core work: 5 min
Spin class with HRM: 54 min
Yoga stretches: 10 min

Avg. HR for core work and spin class: 135
High: 169
Kcal: 1135 (seems high)

Well—clearly spin class WORKS as far as keeping my HR in the zone, if not a little high. That average is pretty up there. And to go to 169—close to 90% max puts the spin classes in the III-IV level in intensity. Thing is they lack technical difficulty of real biking, but for base building AND strength building, they’re good. Jeff is a great instructor, keeping things intense. This will be an excellent supplement.

Legs still got very tired! Long way to go in developing leg stamina. Time in the saddle. Keep going to class. HRM very useful with the AVG and HIGH functions.

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