Saturday, February 19, 2005

Brick Workout!

7:30-8:40 AM

Wound up going to Griffith Park instead of the beach: very rainy and cold today. Bundled up in rain gear, etc., and stayed pretty comfy overall. Powered up to and past the observatory in low gear (stayed seated almost all the way up), then zipped down to the head of a running trail, which terminated, again, after a steep climb, at the observatory. Very good hill run at the end, but kept cool and easy pace. Heart rate pretty low during the ride—in the 110’s and 120’s most of the way—tried to pedal hard on the way down, but HR still dropped, of course—made up for it on the steep run. Overall:

47 minutes bike
19 minutes run
Total time: 1:06:27.
Avg. HR: 123 (approx 66% mhr)
Top HR: 149 (80% mhr; for some reason it’s not showing on the SW right now, but that’s what it was at w/o’s end.

Did 10 minutes of yoga stretching when I returned home and a set of pushups: 23 in 20 seconds; not bad. Upper bod still strong, clearly. Did 22 pullups straight the other day too. Fun to do a brick! And in the rain, to boot. Felt like a tough gut. Could have gone on. Ate a cheese stick at the top of the run. That run will definitely be a good spot: very hilly but good surface for the feet…want to tackle it for real one day; really powering up rather than taking it easy. Get HR up further. One thing’s clear: base is now built. Now must work on speed…

Next week: ease off on sheer distance and up the intensity for some speed work.

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