Thursday, February 24, 2005


6:40-7:50 AM

Warmup: dynamic; 200 yds of ankling; 200 yds buttkick drill. USEFUL! 6 one-minute sprints.; 90-sec to 2 minute rest between, sets of 20 pushups.
MHR: 159
Avg: ???
Time: 25 min

Approx. 7.5 miles, steadystate (I think—lost track of my laps, but I think I did 5 around the neighborhood). This makes 15 mph average. Lots of stopping at signs, sadly.)
Avg. HR: 133 (spot on aerobic: 71% mhr: a tiny bit high, actually)
Time: 30 minutes: 4 min/mile.
Generally good, but I wish I could find a spot to go go go without a lot of stoppage. Still, a bricklike workout felt good. Tomorrow, back to camp—and an hour long ride.

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