Monday, February 07, 2005

Heart Rate Monitor

Saturday’s run (2/5) very instructive. Wore a HRM for the first time; kept in the aerobic zone, around 130/minute. EASILY ran for the hour. Realized that I could have gone on and on at that pace, given sufficient hydration. Must remember that MOST of my training should be at that level: just building the aerobic base.

MONDAY (today)
Swim workout: functional flexibility w/o; core work (draw in + flexion, V ups, rev. crunch w/twist, etc.). Swim warmup: 200 yards of drills: fist, breathe on the right, push the bouy (finally getting it; head staying down and not emerging on breaths); barrel-rolling from s to s; catch-up drill: also getting easier!! Stroke must be improving.

Main set: 4X75 yds; first 25 at sprint speed (timed one: 21 sec); next 50 at easy aerobic pace. Attempting to prep for good start and/or dealing with rough water. Important.

Cooldown: 200 yards, easy, focusing on form. Some alternate breathing, though I still need to breathe every cycle and not at 1.5 cycles. 5-10 min. of yoga stretches out of pool.

Feel: more tired, of course, than the energizing and encouraging long workout on Friday. But my form is starting to take hold: when swimming fast, I could feel it working for me: stroke direction, breathing, kicking, rolling. Good!

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