Monday, February 21, 2005

Fast Swim, Fast Run

After a day of rest, I did:

Dynamic stretch/core work.
1/2 hour or so of swimming:
Drills: 50 yds of drill up, swim down: fisting, buoy, breathe on R, catch-up, rolling. Good technique stuff.
MAIN SET: 5 (?) X 50 yd. Sprints, fast as I could, which was about 45 seconds per. Pathetic for speed, but good for me. Rested about a minute between, going for about 90% recovery between sets. Felt the form, swimming from the hips, but also felt like I was reaching at times, pushing the edge of good form (It was raining REALLY hard at times, but that was good practice). Heart rate WAY up: high 170’s after one set, though fell quickly. Didn’t wear the monitor.
Cool down: 100 yds, easy.

Stationary bike, 15 minutes. Level 5, rpm ~80 for 45 sec., then sprint at rpm 120 or so for 15 sec. Repeated every minute all the way through. HR: 130’s avg.—hard to see—HRM couldn’t read it.

Yoga stretching: 10 minutes.
Workout duration: 1:10 or 1:15.

Felt good overall. Worried about workout length…I need to get up to 2 hours at times.

Tomorrow: Long run. Want to hit 6.2 miles! Run second half faster than first. Accelerate gradually. HR easy first half, faster the second.

Week plan: Tues: Long Run; Wed: Fast Bike (and short, easy run?) Thurs: Off, Fri: Long swim, Sat: Long Bike. Want to really push speed whilst keeping distances on long days fairly steady., tightening times on mile swim and long run.

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