Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tough Brick...

Did a quick, hourlong brick today, consisting of 45 minutes of hard riding (13.06 miles, AHR 133, MHR 152). I did a total of 12 minutes of FASTPEDALING (a drill I took from Lance Armstrong's book, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, which I'll plug here as if the guy needs any more help.) Basically you gear down and up your cadence to 108 strokes / minute or more...it's hard, but it does imprint the idea that fast feet are more efficient than mashing big gears all the time. I took minute long rests between efforts, finally doing a 2:30 fastpedal for a serious leg burn. It's this type of drill--very specific--that will help my speed at this point, now that I've developed basic, sports-specific speed and strength. Just gotta keep breaking it down more and more.

I suppose there's a similar drill where you use an extra high gear in order to build the leg power, so that your legs develop speed and strength at the same time.

I followed the fastpedaling with a recovery run--one lap of 1.6 miles. Was tempted to do another lap to make it a 5K but reminded myself hey, it's a recovery, not a full-bore effort. Legs a little sluggish after the drilling, no surprise but took it easy. Being specific about intensity, as determined by HR, will be a key in my improvement from here on out.

Tomorrow, I hope to go back to the La Tri Club ocean swim, followed by some real speed work on foot. IF I can get up early enough--probably at 5:40 or so. Thurs I'll swim long and recover on the bike, then do a long bike Saturday--finally, the Tri Club cycle, again, assuming I can haul my butt up at that hour!--followed by a long run and a recovery swim on Sunday--that's a weird workout, but that's what I'll have left after the week...hmmm, unless I invert it and do a long run tomorrow and speed work on Sunday.... Isn't this fascinating to read?

I must apologize to my web designer and pal Madley Katarungan for failing to mention her by name in the email about the triathlon, at which she was present and took photos. Without her all two of you wouldn't be reading this!


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Madley said...

You are too sweet, Andrew... unfortunately The Spoiled Brat cornered you with her moping!

And remember, just because people aren't COMMENTING or SUBSCRIBING, doesn't mean they're not reading :)


BTW, what was the consensus on you're being a #7? :)