Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fast Swim and Bike

Short workout report: Biked to the gym, did 1500 meter swim, pushing for time the whole way. 100m wu, 4X50 on the 1:00; 4X100 on the 2:00; 100m catchup; 200m; 100m high elbows; 300m easy; 100m sprint. Fastest 100m time was 1:20, a personal best by 2 seconds--generally I was clocking the 100's at around 1:25-1:30; 50's at sub-45. Checked out some winning times at Ventura in past years: 1500 meters in 19 minutes. Inhuman.

Biked back from the gym, did an intense 20 minutes or so of Fastpedal drill, 2 min on, 1 min off for a total of 10 minutes fastpedaling, then cooled down. Did about 13 miles on the bike total (with trip to and from gym, easy riding).

Focus on speed and strength important! If I'm really going to improve and not just stay at the same level.

Don't know what I'll do this week. Don't know if I'll get up and do the ocean swim again. It's a little early for that, and Arrowhead doesn't have an ocean swim. But 2 intense workouts out of the way already on day one of the workout week. Well done. Felt good generally. Swimming speed getting a little better. And I think fastpedal will pay dividends...I tend to mash; this will keep me aerobic.

Tomorrow I run, but I don't know where or how. Possibly bike too. Maybe a
Griffith Brick? Hills on the bike + hills on foot?


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