Monday, June 27, 2005

A touch of restraint

Took a really tough run yesterday--up Runyon Canyon ALL THE WAY, over and down, then back UP the huge cliff-like path, then up and up to the farthest, highest paths until there was nowhere else to go. Finally jogged down the hill back to the car, continuing to go at a good clip down the hills. A tough, tough run. AHR was 140 and heart rate maxed at 163 after the cliff climb. A hard push--took me 1:06 or so.

So, right, where's the restraint? I had planned to do an easy, recovery swim of a few hundred meters, but when I got to the gym all 3 lanes were taken with 2 swimmers each. So I stretched and made a sit in the jacuzzi my recovery swim. Felt lovely.

So I didn't get a third swim in last week. Too sodding bad.

Today, Monday, I'm off on a break. Feels perfect, not too jumpy like I sometimes get. Don't really want to worry about planning this week's workouts; don't know if I'll go back to the ocean swim again. Maybe this weekend I can go to Arrowhead and check out that course? That would be a run/bike brick...

Not thinking about it. Easy day. Even declined to take an easy hike this afternoon with a friend.


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