Saturday, June 25, 2005

Long, Hilly Ride

24.89 miles on the bike, the Nichols Canyon/Griffith Park route. Was hoping it was longer, 30 miles or more, but still, a good, challenging route. AHR 124, MRH 150. Relatively easy effort--67% max hr average...just about what it should be for a long push. Finished in 1:51--the hills slowed me down--average speed was just over 14.

On those hills it's tempting to just granny it and spin, which I'm pretty good at--but must learn to push up the hills if I expect to do well in Arrowhead, esp. at altitude. Now that I'm familiar with that route maybe next time I can go for time and push into higher effort zones.

Clients on vacation! No one to train but me...

Tomorrow, Long Run and Easy Swim. Soon I'll be out of town again, cross-training with long hikes in the Appelachians...luckily the parents are amenable to my working out. And they have bikes!


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