Monday, June 06, 2005

Gearing Up for Tri 2

Well, haven't done such a great job keeping up lately--but I've continued the 3x/week/discipline pattern since that last tri effort, and it's been going well. My long workouts are getting longer and harder both--now on long runs I'll do a series of two minute sprints and maybe some stairs; on bikes I'll do 30 miles with some hills and some time trials in the 6 mile range (my next tri will be a 6 mile bike effort). I've been less diligent about keeping track of heart rates, or at least recording we'll see on Sunday if geeking out is a genuine help or if freewheeling works just as well.

So the race--inaugural Redondo Beach Tri is on 6/12, next Sunday, a 1/2 mile Ocean Swim followed by the 6 mile bike and 2 mile run. If my usual times are any indication, it should take less time than the last race. The swim, of course, is the big question mark: how big will the water be? Big water, as I've discovered in weekly ocean swims with the LA Tri Club--which are really tough, incidentally, makes all the difference. I've learned pretty well how to navigate, and in the H20 wetsuit, which I've been using the last couple of weeks, it's easier to power-stroke up and see where the hell I'm going. Still, if big water blocks the buoy, you just don't know if you're straight, and I know I've swum longer and harder than I've had to in big water. Entry, of course, is that much harder--takes more time and requires more the swim could add a lot of time. Of course, it will add time to EVERYONE else too, but particularly inexperienced ocean swimmers, among whom I sadly still count myself. And finally, the flailing arms and legs will again be a factor, though hopefully the wave starts and the wide start area on the beach will alleviate too much herky-jerky. Seems like the most dangerous spot is among the gung-ho folks. I'm sticking with my strategy of taking the first turn wide and staying out of the fray. Too much effort at the top is wasteful anyway--the fittest swimmers eventually prevail nonetheless.

As with San Dimas, the short course is essentially a license to floor it from the get go, which I'm pretty decent at by now. The bike and run don't concern me that much...I've got the wind and the speed by now. Just have to remember to let it hang out on both events. Oddly, I haven't really worked with such a SHORT course, so the key will be in not pacing too much!

I hope I'm not getting too caught up in placing and time with this race--placing high in my first race was a bit of a mind-f**k, because now I have EXPECTATIONS, whereas in May I had no such thing. With no idea who will be there, I could win or get utterly smoked. My goal is to have fun again, not to worry about placing too much, and get a good, strong workout in with the added bonus of some friendly competition. Pollyannaish enough for everyone? GOOD.

This week: LSD of each discipline on TWR, with minor speedwork thrown in, then recovery on each on Saturday, followed by race day Sunday. Some concern about racing so soon after last time, but I know some people who are practically racing every weekend!

Will blog before then...feeling good, though.

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Madley said...

Hey you, it's Scary Woman ;)

Great to see your blog entry -- and looking forward to seeing you swim in that big water!