Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hard Ass run workout

Inspired by my HS pal Derek Dean, who wrote me that he has run a 5:03 mile, I put in a fast AND long run workout today: 6.4 miles, doing the four 1.6 mile loops as follows:
Loop 1: 15 minutes
Loop 2: 10 minutes
Loop 3: 15 minutes
Loop 4: 10 minutes...and 3 seconds.

HARD. AS. HELL. Average HR was 141, max 169, but in those fast loops I was in the upper 150s. Good news? I made it, and I feel okay now. Is a 40 minute 10K in the cards for me? Eventually?? Perhaps, though maybe not this year, and probably not after a 1.5 KM swim and a 25 mile bike! Anyway--a good workout. Realized that I could push myself pretty darn hard and still hold up okay. It's a question of shattering perceived limits.

Did 27 minutes of recovery bike after that--only did around 6 miles in that time! That's cool, though--felt nice to just go easy.

Don't know what I'll do tomorrow--long swim plus recovery run on the treadmill, I suspect. Then maybe I'll do my long ride on FRIDAY and go to TriLab orientation on Saturday AM. I'll see--that leaves a recovery swim and a fast OR long run for Sunday. Do-able.


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