Friday, June 10, 2005

Prerace oddity

Did a dry run of the swim this morning with Robert K. of TriLab, who met several of us at 6 AM. A pretty good strong swim, though lots of waves and breakers and seaweed made it tough. Best discovery: siting in the H20 suit--got in the rhythm of it and managed to get it down well. I swam probably about 100 feet further out than the others, but caught the leaders by the turnaround. Good to practice ocean swimming again...this one will favor left hander like me as I'll be able to see the shore on the way out.

So--one more easy bike ride tomorrow--if I can resist pouring it on at all--before race Sunday AM. Good god, taper week is awful. I wish I'd made it a normal, hard week!

Heard that Eric's running 6:30 miles. Wow--that's fast. Fortunately, he's out of my age bracket.

Going to STAR WARS tonight. A good break...

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