Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome to JP Fitness Readers!

Received an email a few days ago from none other than the famous "JP" of JP, who runs the most civilized and informative fitness website and forum out there. It's sort of a "Star Wars" Cantina of fitness gurus, with all the heavy hitters sitting around talking shop over protein shakes and creatine; anyone who reads my blog should check out JP Fitness (just promise you'll come back after you do). Very kindly, JP has dubbed THIS SITE the "Fitness Blog of the Month!" My mug is up on his forum and I'm just as pleased as punch about it, though I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't asked to fill out a form with categories like "Turn-Ons" and "Turn-Offs," that I would then fill out, dotting each "i" with a heart.

For any new visitors, WELCOME, and thanks for dropping by. Please poke around, read whatever strikes your fancy, and shoot me comments, questions and words of derision and contempt as you see fit.

I've got a daughter clamoring for the Children's Museum so that's it for now. More to come shortly--I've got three posts half-written so tune in this weekend for some bon mots on Chad Waterbury's latest and a very unfunctional functional movement (?) that most of us are overlooking.

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Happy Friday, and welcome again!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Andrew. Looks like you weren't unfamiliar to many of our members.

BTW, break a leg on your latest show (why on earth did theatre people come up with that morbid image to encourage one another anyway?). What role are you playing?


Andrew said...

I'm playing Macbeth in Shakespeare's play--a notoriously cursed role in a cursed play; you can check out some production photos at

"Break a leg" has its origins in theatrical superstition; since truth and fiction are inverted in the theater, saying "good luck" would--according to neurotic actor-types--bring on bad luck. So the idea is to wish actors bad luck in hopes that it will bring on the opposite. Another theory is that you are hoping the actor breaks his leg from all the bows that he has to take to satisfy the audience at curtain call.