Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Twistin' to the Oldies

Below is my first foray into Richard Simmons/Jane Fonda territory! It's a demonstration of a terrific back relaxation/pain relief movement called the Diagonal Twist / Arm Circle:

In the next few weeks I'll be releasing 12-Minute Back Care, a downloadable digital video of simple, healthy stretches and relaxation techniques which can dramatically reduce nagging back pain while improving flexibility and suppleness. ANYONE who spends a significant portion of their day sitting -- which is everyone, including me! -- will benefit from this 12-minute back maintenance program.

If you're interested in this low-cost digital video, please email me and be sure to include "Back Care" in the subject line. Thanks for visiting!


Zach Even - Esh said...

Thanks Andrew! I'm going to use this movement for one of my athletes today who injured his lower back!

Normally we just bring the knees side to side but this looks to be twice as effective :)

It' all about longevity baby :)

Thanks again bruddah!

--zach even - esh :)

Andrew said...

Hey Zach: Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the upper-body rotation really helps to loosen the thoracic spine, which is stiff and often chronically over-flexed in clients. Also helps with shoulder mobility. Glad you like the move! Come back and post any time--Andrew