Friday, August 05, 2005

Hard Run, EZ Swim

Well, pushed my 6.4 mile run down to a PR of 49:23. Not bad. First 1.6 miles completed in 14:21, the final one in about 10:30, which was as fast as I ran a SINGLE lap weeks and weeks ago when I did my first tempo run, and it exhausted me and caused calf cramping. Middle two laps were around 13 minutes each. Anyway, I'm getting to be a strong finisher. That appears to be a strength of mine, finishing. Meaning--that I need to take long warmups? I'm not sure. But I do jam well at the end of a race/workout.

On the down side, I suppose that means my pace was around 7:45/mile. My last lap was at a 6:30 mile. Crikey, if I could keep that up for all 6 miles I'd kill, but I don't see that happening. Pace in race #1 was 7:07/mile over 3 miles; in race 2 it was 6:45/mile over 2 miles. All in all, a good effort today. BTW, AHR was 142, MHR 167. My heart rate took almost the whole first lap to get up into the 130's, but then stayed comfortably in the 150s for the last two laps or so. And 167 may be my highest recorded rate yet. All good indicators, I think--fitness improving. I wonder what it means that my heart rate is so slow to respond to effort? Good or bad? In a race, I suppose, it will already be elevated by that point...

Recovery swim of 600 yards, plus 10 minutes of yoga took the edge off. Must keep stretching the calves! Why I haven't been more on top of that ever since it was pointed out to me that my lower leg flexibility sucks is beyond my comprehension. A video of me that I saw recently doing some fight work in bare feet convinced me: my feet point so much I look like Baryshnikov at every moment. But primarily I think I'd feel better and probably run safer.

Okay--tomorrow is a long ride day. Hurrah! Like those days, very medtitative. Maybe I'll put in 30 miles if I can. Need to be back by 10 AM, so start at 7 or so. Maybe a ride up and over Nichols Canyon, more hill work? That's a pretty decent loop there, though there's lots of pesky downhills as well. Too sodding easy.

Haven't gotten around to hitting up Arrowhead for a ride out there! Must do that, not so much for terrain, which I think I can handle, but for altitude! That may indeed kill me, or at least slow me down a lot.

All for now. A

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