Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gonna Fly Now...

Training feels pretty good these days! Ran a 47:14 6.4 miles-about a 7:30/mile pace over those 6 miles. Not bad for this guy…I think I could probably score a 45 minute 10 K if I push it. Plus around a 1:15 40 K on the bike and a 30 minute 1500 meter swim. That brings my total up to 2:30 or so, plus transitions, making it around 2:35, barring accidents and hills and the like. Not too bad. Not too bad. I’d love to hit that 2:20 mark on an Olympic distance…That would be impressive. Long 30 mile bike ride a couple of weeks ago was stalled by headwinds, bringing that total time to 1:41 or so; but swimming is going well! Pretty speedy and my long workout is getting less challenging. I should by all rights be able to do 100 meters in about 1:30. That would make my 1500 pace around 22:30. Which is freakin’ fast, much faster than I’m used to doing it. I haven’t swum the full distance in a long time; I’ve been doing intervals. I should, though—do the full thing. Discovered a cool pool the other day-a 50 meter pool that has lap swimming 5-6 weeknights. I much prefer it to the 25 meter paltry thing I use at 24 hour, plus it’s closer! Might become a weekly thing…bike out there, swim, bike home and finish off with 7 miles of speedwork in the saddle.

So I feel pretty good about the Arrowhead race, altitude not included (it may be a huge washout without altitude prep. Just gotta be prepared for that!). The distances are well within my limitations and skills. Winners in past years were coming in around an hour or so for the full course-I suppose I will be thinking 10 minute swim, 40 minute bike, 21 minute run? Bringing my total to 1:11. Not bad. Not really in the winners’ circle, but not too shabby. Maybe an age group placing again, which would be nice. Of course, this is assuming that the altitude doesn’t kill me, which it very well might!

Also have to think about breakfast that day! Probably pack it beforehand.

Next couple of weeks after Arrowhead I’ve GOT to amp up my biking. Swimming and running distances of late are FINE, but I’ve got to bike more. Those 30 miles nearly got me the other day. I was sucking wind and the headwind totally boned me. Gotta get tougher on that. Maybe go out and do that distance on Westchester again.

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