Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Inexplicably, I'm off to Lapland this evening and will be gone through the 26th of June. When I get back I intend to start a reindeer-wrangling class at CRUNCH.

Meantime, everyone stay well--


Madley said...

Bon Voyage and y'all have fun!

AT22 said...

I'm putting my comment here, but it's about the Nike Free. I LOVE THEM. They are hard to find. I got mine on Zappo's but they are low on sizes. And the women's might even be gone by now. I don't wear socks with them (made to be worn sockless) but they have yet to get stinky. They breathe pretty well.
I'll be looking for Pre's and such (and I guess checking the Nike website for their other barefoot shoes?).

I have started walking outside barefoot. Once you get the hang of it (stepping on stuff), it is great!